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Dungeon Siege II heads to stores

Sequel to 2002's action role-playing game now available for PCs; new patch up for grabs on GameSpot DLX.


The second hack-and-slash fest from developer Gas Powered Games has made its way to stores. Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to 2002's role-playing game, is rated M for Mature and will set PC gamers back $49.99.

The game returns to the fantasy world of Aranna, which is once again in a bad state. Civil war is rampant, and bandits are running wild, the work of a particularly nasty marauder named Valdis. Players must lead a party of up to six characters on a quest to rid the world of vicious Valdis and restore peace to the land.

Dungeon Siege II sports a new 3D graphics engine and adds specialized skills to the character development system, which was often criticized as lacking depth in the first game. The game continues to let players play through the entire campaign cooperatively via LAN or online support.

Microsoft Game Studios has also dropped a quick patch for Dungeon Siege II, which addresses a couple of issues with GameSpy support. Pick it up at GameSpot DLX.

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