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Dungeon Siege II delayed

Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' action RPG sequel won't arrive until spring 2005.


It looks like PC role-playing gamers will have one less game in their holiday stockings this year. The official Web site for Dungeon Siege II now lists the action RPG's release date as "spring 2005." The game had been previously scheduled for release sometime in 2004. No reason for the delay was given.

Like its predecessor, Dungeon Siege II is being developed by Gas Powered games and published by Microsoft. It will retain the same type of hack-and-slash action, but it will feature deeper gameplay and a refined combat system. Dungeon Siege II's story will also be more extensive than the original Siege, pitting players against a recently awoken evil that imperils the Second Age of Man.

GameSpot got a chance to check out Dungeon Siege II at this year's E3. To learn more about the game, read Andrew Park's hands-on preview.

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