Dungeon Lords surfaces

DreamCatcher's cavern-crawler is now hacking and slashing on PCs; RPG features real-time combat.


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Canadian publisher DreamCatcher Games today announced that it has pulled Dungeon Lords from the depths. The game is now available across North America for the PC. Atlanta-based studio Heuristic Park, who previously worked on Wizards & Warriors, developed the T-for-Teen-rated game. Gamers can pick up Dungeon Lords for $39.99.

The game was scribed by noted fantasy game author D.W. Bradley, who previously worked with Heuristic Park on the Wizards & Warriors games and also penned the famed Wizardry series.

Dungeon Lords is set in a fantasy realm, and adventurers will try to save a kingdom ravaged by the assassination of the great wizard Galdryn of the Meadows. To appease a hostile takeover from the rowdy Lord Barrowgrim, Galdryn's ally, Lord Davenmor, promises his daughter's hand in marriage to his tormentor. Upon learning of the scheme, the femme bolts, forcing Barrowgrim to set his armies upon Davenmor's territories.

Gamers will create characters from a variety of races, including dwarves, elves, and thrall. Characters can specialize in multiple classes, going the way of magic, might, or a combination of both. From there, gamers will go on quests either solo or in the multiplayer mode and will bump into both friendly and unfriendly computer-controlled characters.

For more information on Dungeon Lords, check out GameSpot's previous coverage, or take on a goblin mage in the demo, now available on GameSpot DLX.

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