Dungeon Lords gathers gold

DreamCatcher's fantasy RPG will adventure on PCs May 4; game was penned by Wizardry author D.W. Bradley.


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Gamers eager to jump into DreamCatcher's Dungeon Lords have been waiting for the PC game to crawl out from the development depths for some time now. Originally announced in 2003 by Wizards & Warriors developer Heuristic Park, Dungeon Lords was scheduled to surface last October but was pushed back to earlier this week. However, when the game didn't show up on store shelves on Tuesday, some gamers may have disappointedly lowered their battle axes.

Fortunately, those looking to battle dragons, undead, and all other manner of monstrosities will be pleased at the news DreamCatcher sent out today. Dungeon Lords has been sent off for replication and will arrive on store shelves May 4.

Dungeon Lords is an action role-playing game set in real-time from a third-person perspective. Gamers will develop their characters by boosting special abilities, physical attributes, and skills. Each hero can be one of several classes, each with its own power, and each hero can select from one of four different schools of magic.

The story was written by D.W. Bradley, the man who wrote many of the classic Wizardry PC games. The story sees a lone adventurer (the gamer), embarking on an epic quest in the midst of a world rife with conflict.

Dungeon Lords will also feature a multiplayer mode for parties of up to eight players. The difficulty level of the game will change with the party's size, meaning more gamers, more monsters.

Dungeon Lords is rated T for Teen and has an SRP of $39.99. For more information on the game, head on over to GameSpot's previous coverage. Can't wait for May 4? Start hacking and slashing on the Dungeon Lords demo, which is now available on GameSpot DLX.

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