Dungeon Keeper 3 Cancelled

A Bullfrog site update states that development has ceased on the strategy series' follow up.


Bullfrog Productions, the UK-based EA division known for its offbeat strategy games, has revealed that it has decided to end work on Dungeon Keeper 3 so as to work on other games. The site explains that "opportunities to develop new intellectual properties on new platforms such as PlayStation 2 have meant that DK3 has been put on hold." Though there are no plans for developing any new Dungeon Keeper games at the moment, the Bullfrog statement points out that this is always a possibility for the future.

The Dungeon Keeper titles were real-time strategy games that put players in the role of a dungeon overseer charged with managing an underground realm and protecting it against the goodly adventurers that conventionally appear in roleplaying games. The series won praise from reviewers for its innovative design and devilish humor.

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DK3's cancellation is why I hate E.A. I try not to buy any of their games...but they are like the only game publisher out there anymore. I hate them so much over this. I've been waiting for this game since I saw the sweet trailer in DK2.

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dungon keeper 3 is coming Dungon keeper worlds << LINK REMOVED >> also as an mmo it will come in 2011 but only in china :(

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DK was one of the best games ever..! I cant think of many rts games that can stand up to the awesomeness of the DK series

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Hope to see DK 3 done while im alive and able to play :) . . And i must say the gaming world just isnt what it used to be without Bullfrog . .

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I LOVE DK best game ever, best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I HATE you bullfrog do hear me HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE you

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Dungeon keeper, one of the best game ever. Same as Half life, Populous, Black & White, ahhh. Good old times, where everything was new and so funny and playable. Today's games just sux. :(

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lol man all this time i thought dk3 would have been done. well when they get too it i hope they stick too where they left us all.

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if they do decide to make a dk3 y not throw a kind of twist for ex: evil went to the uper world but were completely overwhelmed by the full force of united dwarves elves n humans and there heavily defended fort gaurding the exit/entrance to the underworld kill many creatures and giveing them a huge advantage and forcing all the keeper to the lowest plain of hell (since there always talking about plains) u must now reunite the scatterd creatures finding new ones and old ones(i want dragons back damnit) and u pretty much go all the way back to where #2 ended and from there a whole new game franchise could be made for the upper world battle

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i would rather the game be like DK1, or a remake of DK1, just with better graphics and maybe some stuff from DK2 on it as well. DK2 is pretty slow unlike the origional when it comes to combat, less deadly should i say. I did hear that the plans for DK3 where dreadful and that they had to scrap it as it didnt go so well with the pics and designs for the DK3 to be above ground i.e earth. It basicly wouldnt be a dungeon keeper game as it wont be underground. Anyway thats what i saw, read about some time ago =(

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IMO designing another DK game using next generation technology is a heavy responsibility. Don't forget that the companies want to sell their soft, so it must also be made catchy. There is also the two edged possibility of being either console-based or MMO for PC. - Both would ruin DK3! If it is going to be coming out this way I prefer sticking to DK1!

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EA's Corporate CEO's should be piked Vlad the Impailer style.

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some indie people i found on google are atually making DK3! it looks very good so far

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an epic "Epic fail"

Avatar image for Martynasmatuse

It is best strategy i ever play !

Avatar image for Shadow_th

Electronic Arts. Screwing up the best game franchises since [insert date here].

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This game would have soooo much potencial at this time,and soooooo many fans are still waiting for this game...damn,I really hope they make it some day....

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I can't believe they couldn't put out the same game with updated graphics and a couple new features

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Too bad :(

Avatar image for mambo13

BRING BACK DUNDEON KEEPER!!!!!!! It is a geniously designed gam with huge potential! I want my DK3 !!!

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Bring Dungeon Keeper back! I just signed the petition, there's about 3600 signatures. It's obviously going to be successful so why don't they make a third? I love dungeon keeper and still play it now and then. YIBEEE!!!!!

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I say bring it back Sign this petition to bring it back (2366 Total Signatures) << LINK REMOVED >>

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*sniff* Somewhere a puppy died...namely me :(

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EA own the rights to Dungeon Keeper. And we all know that EA suck and are never going to make the game. If Lionhead brought the rights we'd be in the green :)

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i still cannot understand why they would just leave DK! I bet if every DK fan comes out and protests greatly at the same time they would do summit! about it!

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Dungeon keeper with todays technology? Surley thats both a money oppurtunity for EA and a reward for fans who thought they were gonna get a DK3 judging from the DK2 trailer? i dont think it will, but i hope it does get made

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So sad that they cancelled it, The Dungeon Keeper series was one of the best i've ever played.... i loved both 1 and 2, despite being only 7 years old at the time, i was still yelling : WHY GOD?!? WHY WOULD YOU THAT TO US?!? WHY PUNISH US SO HARD?!????

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guys i posted a topic on ea forums tellin em we want dk3 heres the link << LINK REMOVED >>

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Buying games today is something i almost never do, because all we get now-adays are lame football games and hockey and blabla 1 billion sport games that we all reallyyyy hate. Dungeon keeper 3 would be the only game i would pay for with a smile. however sequals aren't always that good, lets hope this one will be bad ;).

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At least we can feel like a DK in the new Overlord game coming out! Or at least a DK that's come out from underground to kill some do-gooders.

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this shucks. i am a collector of dungeon keeper series. been waiting and still no call that dk3 would be made. sigh. what a waste of good games.

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This game was one of the best ever how dare they not make a dk3! all the potential and they waste it!

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Kinda Wierd that no company ever took up the idea to make DK3? A game with such potentiel to become a huge succes? Its 10 times the gameplay of Black and white! ;)

Avatar image for wovan

It So Good To Be Bad! I realy realy will buy it, I want DK3!

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I miss hurting all the good people with my evil creatures! Make DK3!

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This was by far the best game back then, I really hope DK3 will come in the future.

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aww.. i wanted DK3

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Wouldnt you buy DK3 if it came out? I would, dont you agree? Attention developers if you happen to stumble across this message boards, I want to let you know that now is the time to resume work on this series. Dungeon Keeper still has a lot of potential in your market, even more so now that we have seen game characters and film characters show more of their darker sides (James Bond, Fisher (Splinter Cell), Batman, Skywalker (Star Wars), Achilles (Troy), Jason Statham (Crank), etc.) The list goes on! Dungeon Keeper is one of the first games i playied that allowed me to see the game world from a whole different prespective... from the "good" bad guy point of view XD. I vote yes for a new Dungeon Keeper Instalment (I surely will buy the game... who else agrees with me?)

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Man I can't believe this, I was such a huge Dungeon Keeper fan but now EA owns the rights and they're never going to do anything with it.

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well..Peter Molyneux's roles in DK2 were small..unlike the prequel. Unless DK3 were direct by Peter himself, the cancellation is not-so-bad news afterall

Avatar image for poppler935

should be a good an if they do make it eventually

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yea... why did they cancel it? i used to love this game... so sad... so very sad. is there a way to contact them and possibly pursued them to make it? or at least a link to justify this?

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Why they cancel Dungeon Keeper 3???... it was a great game of Real-Time Strategic.. A VERYYY GGGOOOOODDD GAMMEEE!!!

Avatar image for the_sharko

Screw the PS2! Why'd it have to be canceled...?

Avatar image for Exceptio

i want dk3!!!!

Avatar image for ace1177

For anyone that wants this game as badly as me and alot of people I know sign this. Its a petition thats been around for a long time. At the moment it only has 414 signatures we need alot more. << LINK REMOVED >>

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nooooooooooooo why they cancel dk3

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D: i loved DK lol the casino 'Burn Baby Burn Disco inferno'

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Nooooooo! This sucks *SOB SOB SOB* :-(

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