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Dune: Part Two 4K Steelbook Edition Back In Stock At Amazon, Releases Next Week

Dune: Part Two released on digital April 16, with Blu-ray editions arriving next week.


Dune: Part Two is already available to watch at home on digital, but the better "deal" arrives on May 14 withe the release of the Blu-ray. The sequel released on digital on April 16, and it costs $30 to own or $25 to rent. That's actually more expensive than Dune: Part Two on Blu-ray at Walmart, which is $25 and comes with a digital version of the film, too. You can preorder the 4K Blu-ray bundled with a digital version for as little as $30. For physical media enthusiasts and collectors, the 4K Blu-ray steelbook edition is worth checking out now that it's back in stock at Amazon. The steelbook is sold out at Walmart, and it has sold out at Amazon before--so you may want to secure a copy before next Tuesday's release.

How to watch Dune: Part Two on digital

If you also need to add its predecessor to your collection, Dune is available on 4K UHD for only $21 at Amazon right now, and the standard Blu-ray is discounted to just $10. Alternatively, Hulu subscribers can stream Dune: Part One as part of their regular subscription.

If you need more Dune in your life after watching Dune: Part Two, you might be interested in picking up a Dune book. Luckily, the original saga and a bunch of graphic novels are all discounted at Amazon. Here's a look at our favorite deals.

Best Dune Book Deals

Best Dune Graphic Novel Deals

Our Dune: Part Two review gave it a 9/10, praising it for its impressive storytelling and for making big strides compared to the original film.

"These two Dune movies end up playing like the first two seasons of a great, long-running TV show. Season 1 is usually where the creators try to figure out what they're doing as they do it, but it's not until Season 2 or later that the show's essence and vision are solidified," wrote critic Phil Owen. "While Villeneuve's first Dune movie felt like an attempt to deliver the objectively definitive big-screen adaptation of Frank Hebert's Dune, Part Two feels like Villeneuve putting more of himself and his own perspective into this story. And Part Two is a big improvement over the first movie because of that."

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