Dune on the PlayStation 2

Widescreen Games will bring its upcoming game Frank Herbert's Dune to the Sony PlayStation 2.


Widescreen Games has revealed that it plans to develop its upcoming action-adventure game, Frank Herbert's Dune, for the Sony PlayStation 2. Specific gameplay details are scarce at this time. However, it is known that the game will be played in real-time 3D, with a mix of two-thirds action and one-third adventure. The story is set in the year 10191 and follows two feuding families, the House Harkonnen and House Atreides. At the game's onset, several members of the House Atreides are massacred, and players must assume the role of one of the survivors, Paul Atreides. Widescreen Games promises a mission-based gameplay system that includes such operations as destroying the spice smugglers, harassing the Harkonnen, sabotaging factories, and finding places for stockpiling spice.

Dreamcatcher Interactive, which is publishing the PC version in North America, is currently in negotiations to publish the PlayStation 2 version as well. GameSpot will have further information on the game as it becomes available. According to Widescreen Games, it is also interested in developing for the Microsoft Xbox. It is not known whether the company's Xbox plans include Frank Herbert's Dune.

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