Duncan Jones presenting BlizzCon panel on World of Warcraft movie

BlizzCon 2013 will also feature the WCS Global Finals, Heroes of the Storm, and Reaper of Souls.

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Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones will present a panel on the World of Warcraft movie at BlizzCon 2013.

"Please join the Warcraft movie director, Duncan Jones, along with key Blizzard developers as they discuss the thrilling collaborative process of translating Azeroth's game world to the big screen," reads Blizzard's description for the panel.

Warcraft is due to hit cinemas in 2015.

Joining Jones on the panel are Chris Metzen, senior vice president of story and franchise development, and chief creative officer Rob Pardo.

The one-hour panel will take place at 13:00 PST on Saturday November 9 in the Anaheim Convention Center.

Alongside the Warcraft presentation, Blizzard's BlizzCon schedule includes the WCS Global Finals for StarCraft II, live play sessions of recently re-revealed MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and a preview of Diablo III expansion Reaper of Souls.

The two-day BlizzCon event starts on November 8. Blizzard is selling virtual tickets to the event for $39.99.

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