Duke Nukem Mobile 3D dials in this summer

BREW-enabled phone version of the FPS classic will be in full 3D.


Duke Nukem 3D

SkyZone Entertainment today announced that Duke Nukem Mobile 3D now has a release date of "this summer." The game is currently being developed for BREW-enabled handsets by MachineWorks Northwest, which previously brought Duke Nukem to the Tapwave Zodiac.

Duke Nukem is a first-person shooter based in a bizarre world of dungeons, strip clubs, and giant airships. The game will come with an option to turn the enemies into sprite-based images, upping the game's frame rate.

This is the second mobile version of Duke Nukem available, as Duke Nukem Mobile (sans the "3D") was released in 2004 by SK Media and MachineWorks. The PC game Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to come out many years ago but has since gone missing in action, and its release date remains "to be determined."

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