Duke Nukem Goes Episodic

WEB Corp. announces a deal with 3D Realms to bring a new Duke game out via episodic online distribution.


WEB Corp., a game publisher specializing in episodic online distribution, has signed a deal with 3D Realms to develop a new Duke Nukem series for early next year. The new game will be released as a series of episodes. Somewhat like the original Doom shareware distribution, the first episode will be free and subsequent levels can be downloaded for a relatively small fee. This should be good news for Duke Nukem fans disappointed by the general lack of news about 3D Realms' next full game in the series, Duke Nukem Forever.

"The episodic gaming model is the next logical step for Duke," said Scott Miller, co-founder of 3D Realms. "We have an opportunity here to combine a successful license with groundbreaking new Internet distribution, resulting in an even better deal for consumers - more game play, less cost, and an ongoing Duke series."

We had the opportunity to talk briefly with the founder of WEB Corp., Jim Perkins, about the company's most recent game announcement.

GameSpot: Will the WEB Corp. game re-create the style of Duke Nukem 3D or go back further to the original Duke Nukem side-scrollers?

Jim Perkins: At this point, I cannot pinpoint the exact look. I would say it's somewhere in between a totally modern look and feel, and very simplistic, yet gratifying play mechanics. It must be competitive with the very best first- and third-person action games available in the spring of 2001.

GS: Will WEB Corp. games be released for online-ready consoles?

JP: Yes. Our focus right now is on the PlayStation 2 - with a close eye on the Xbox.

GS: What sorts of multiplayer opportunities does WEB Corp. see associated with this online distribution model?

JP: Multiplayer is under discussion and consideration for many of our game series.

GS: Thanks, Jim.

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