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Duke Nukem Forever resurfaces

3D Realms releases an in-game thumbnail of upcoming shooter on a trade site's job listings.

All hail Duke. Duke is life.
All hail Duke. Duke is life.

3D Realms this week released the first new bit of Duke Nukem Forever media in what seems like forever, as its company profile on trade site Gamasutra's JobSeeker boards features a pint-size pic of Duke himself in action.

ShackNews posted a story Thursday night about 3D Realms' newest job listings with a link to the Gamasutra page that includes the new screen. That sparked speculation about the nature of the pic in the site's comments section, which prompted 3D Realms president George Broussard to chime in with a short note simply saying, "In-game shot." Broussard confirmed for GameSpot today that he did indeed post that bit in the site's comments.

"Yes, that was me and that's an in-game, real-time shot of Duke standing in a random hallway," Broussard said. "I just stuck it on a Gamasutra ad to make it stand out from the sea of company logos and maybe act as a small teaser."

As for whether or not this marks the beginning of a marketing push for Duke Nukem Forever that would see more information unveiled in the near future, Broussard said there is nothing official yet.

"We tend to just do unconventional things in terms of PR," he said. "But we're starting to wake from our slumber and think about when and how best to show the game."

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