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Duke Nukem Forever footage, screens surface

Clip shows profanity-spouting hero battling giant aliens, wooing strippers; 3D Realms posts official "goodbye" message thanking supporters.


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Last week saw the 12-year Duke Nukem Forever saga come to an ignominious end when 3D Realms shut down. Though still not officially responding to press inquires, the Texas-based developer did post an official farewell over the weekend along with a group shot of its soon-to-be-former employees.

"Goodbye. Thanks for being fans and for all your support," read the brief message from webmaster Joe Siegler, who first confirmed the studio's closure last Tuesday.

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The accompanying photo showed that at the time of its closure, 3D Realms employed around three dozen people. Those included several artists who have posted art assets from the game on their personal Web sites in an effort to find new jobs. Shacknews spotted DNF assets on the blogs of artists showcasing alien opponents and desert locales from the game. However, all four former 3D Realms employees had either pulled the art assets or restricted access to their blogs as of press time.

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Another former 3D Realms employee also posted a highlight reel showing about three minutes of animation and gameplay footage from Duke Nukem Forever. Besides containing brief nudity and foul language, the trailer shows Mr. Nukem battling several enemies, ranging from pig-faced brutes to the tentacled alien shown above. Several boss battles are also shown, including one in a sports stadium where players must pelt a hulking armored beast with missiles to knock it down and then pry off its antennae to disable it.

[WARNING: Video contains coarse language and brief nudity--viewer discretion is advised.]

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