Duke Nukem Developer Also Almost Made An Aliens Shooter Like Left 4 Dead

3D Realms were far into pre-production before the project was scrapped.


Last week former Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski revealed that his former studio, Boss Key, were working on an Aliens game before Disney purchased Fox. Today, Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms says the same thing happened to its own Aliens project.

Vice President of 3D Realms, Frederik Schreiber, replied to Bleszinski's original tweet with his own story of a failed Aliens pitch. The idea, detailed briefly by some pitch slides, paint the picture of a co-operative shooter where players would face off against waves of Xenomorph enemies before confronting one of many Xenomorph Queens.

It all sounds a bit like Left 4 Dead in the Aliens universe, which seems like a good fit. Schreiber explained that the project was far into pre-production when the deal between Disney and Fox went through, which then ultimately lead to its cancellation.

There is still one known Aliens game in development post Disney's acquisition of Fox, with developer Cold Iron still working on their shooter within the franchise. The studio is currently under the purview of Scopely, who purchased all of FoxNext (Fox's gaming division) from Disney. Scopely have indicated they plan to sell Cold Iron though, so the future of this Aliens adaptation is unknown right now.

If you are looking for an Aliens game that you can actually play right now, you should check out Alien: Isolation, which recently launched on Nintendo Switch too.

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