Duck Mounts Come to EverQuest II Because "Ducks are Majestic"

The duck mounts will be available until May 19.


PC MMO EverQuest II may be more than ten years old, but that doesn't mean developer Sony Online Entertainment Daybreak Games is going to stop supporting it anytime soon. Case in point: the developer on Tuesday released a new duck mount for the game.

"Ducks are majestic creatures, they look awesome, and they have all sorts of variety," Daybreak wrote in its forums back in February when the process of bringing duck mounts to EverQuest II began. Check out the funny video below to learn more about what it took to bring ducks to the game.

The flying creatures are now available to buy in EverQuest II, but only for a limited time. You can buy a mallard mount called The Quacken right now for 1950 Station Cash (about $20). They'll be removed from sale on May 19, so if you're interested, you may want to act quickly.

Duck mounts in EverQuest II feature ground animations similar to the existing terrorbird mounts, and the wings work quite the same way as the pegasus-like mounts.

People are already flocking to the new duck mounts, as the image below posted in the EverQuest II forums demonstrates.

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If someone does a Let's Play video of this, it has to be called DuckTales.

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At no time was EQ2 any good, which is a shame as this game held so much potential. When it first came out you played a archetype and dabbled in all the abilities related to that class, also you got to play in a zone just for new player/characters starting out. Not bad for a game that came nearly a decade ago. But even then the game was soo poorly ported to pc it was like its face was on fire and the devs put it out with a hatchet, then they continued to gut the chit out of the game that at one point I thought SOE simply forgot to give the game a safety word.

Few years back they brought in vampires, trying to jump on the twilight band wagon, and it was like chewing aluminum foil after getting fillings. I have no idea on earth how they keep people playing, while the death of SOE was the only bright spot in EQ2 history, the team running the game now is so small that they have regular office hours and no GMs, just some veteran players acting as guides.

Anyone who would pay $20 for a duck mount in any game deserves to be made fun of, anyone who would pay that much for a mount in EQ2 deserves to be sterile.

TLDR: first off those people can bite me, and my comment is just being honest.

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ducks are majestic... but not as mounts

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Never mind the ducks whatever happened to Everquest Next and that 'other' world building variant ? has it all been scrapped ?

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@dfernand: EQ Landmark is still going I think, or at least you can still it. As for EQ next I've not heard much about it but I assume it's still getting worked on. I'm starting to think MMOs of the old school kind like EQ are not going to come back around any time soon.

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Still waiting for a human mount.

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@InYourMouf: lol

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Quack quack quack Mr. Ducksworth!

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I don't care if it is peanuts news - "Release the Quacken" is now the quote of the day!

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In bigger news apparently Everquest 2 is still a thing.

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I seems I am a soothsayer. I immediately knew this was from Eddie Makuch. Magic? I think not.

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So what do you do when Gamespot has no decent articles? Go to youtube and re-watch feedbackula videos.

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In other words, and don't be shy admitting it: because Chocobos.

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@Hekteur: That's like saying ostriches are eagles. Go look at a picture of a duck and a chocobo.