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Duality update

Check out new media from and information on Duality for the Xbox.


Phantagram has releases new screenshots, details, as well as a new gameplay movie of its upcoming action game for the Xbox, Duality. The game takes place in the distant future when a series of technological advances result in one entity, named The Corportation, controlling much of what occurs in the world. Three characters become the focus of Duality--a mercenary, a scientist turned virtual being, and a hacker. Players will be able to take on the role of each character.

As the mercenary, they'll have to earn money by completing objectives given to them by clients. This money can be used to by new weapons and implants that can be used to upgrade the mercenary's abilities. The mercenary will have a number of items at his disposal including a basic firearm, sensors, jammers, optic camouflage, armor, and implants for assault and infiltration. Phantagram describes the mercenary experience as being similar to that of Metal Gear Solid but with a little more freedom given to the players.

The hacker's duties are relatively obvious--she has to hack into systems controlled by The Corporation. She has access to a firearm though players will have to use a manual targeting system as opposed to the mercenary's auto-targeting, and she will also have sensors, traps, and a program bible. The sensors and traps will be used when the hacker is attempting to access one of the systems because she will need an early warning in case an enemy is coming too close to the area while she's attempting to break into the system. The program bible will function as the hacker's spell book, allowing her to perform special functions.

The virtual being character in Duality is trying to reclaim his identity. He doesn't carry any equipment since he doesn't have a physical form but he will supposedly be able to manipulate the environment similar to the way the character Neo does in the film The Matrix. Each of these three characters sees the others as enemies, and by playing through the game, players will get a better understanding of how their stories intertwine.

There are currently 30 to 40 quests planned for Duality, with each quest lasting 20 to 40 minutes. In addition, quests have been designed so that the player can take any number of routes in order to complete it--it depends on how players want to progress through the game.

We'll have more on Duality soon.

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