Dual Shock Takes Hold

In Japan, Sony's Dual Shock analog pad has become the standard PlayStation controller.


Since Sony decided on the Dual Shock controller as the standard controller for the PlayStation in Japan, many companies have started to utilize the new controller for their games.

Following is a list of upcoming games that will utilize the controller. Some of them utilize the Dual Shock's analog controls and vibration, while others only utilize the vibration feature.

Buckle Up from Shangri-la (Racer)

Colony Wars from Artdink/Psygnosis

Dead or Alive from Tecmo

Fighting Eyes from Solan (3D Fighter)

R Types from Irem Software Engineering

Tenchu from Sony Computer Entertainment

The Dual Shock controller has two analog controls and a vibrating feature and was welcomed by many Japanese gamers - but there's one drawback. The Dual Shock isn't compatible with the older Analog Controller.

The Analog was Sony's previous peripheral that has two analog controls and the vibrating feature (which isn't present in the US version of the Analog controller). If developers want to support both controllers, they have to write the code for both.

It's not a good thing for either developers or consumers. Because of the requirements, many developers are reluctant to support the old Analog Controller.

At Sony's phone conference earlier this week, SCEA commented that while it's looking into the possibility of releasing the Dual Shock in the US, no decision has been made. (It's possible that Sony doesn't want to release the Dual Shock controller in the US because of the incompatibility issues.)

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