DSs officially getting Tingled

Quirky Japanese title Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland confirmed for Europe in September.


The Japanese game Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Rupee Land was released in September 2006, and it seemed at the time to be one of those titles that people would shake their heads at in bafflement and mutter "Only in Japan." Not anymore: A translated Tingle will be coming to European DSs on September 14.


Tingle is an odd little character who wears a green leotard, and was originally a male pixie character from the Zelda series. The 35-year-old (and inexplicably still single) chap helped Link on his quests--starting with his first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask--but only in return for cold, hard cash.

In this spin-off game, Tingle attempts to buy his way into a paradise called Rupeeland, which can only be accessed by throwing money into a pool.

Nintendo's press release reads, "One day while resting in his house a middle-aged man hears a voice, which leads him to a nearby pool of water. Here, Uncle Rupee reveals himself and explains that the pond is a gateway to paradise...Uncle Rupee then transforms the player into the mischievous Tingle."

Tingle can be moved around the screen using the D pad or YXAB buttons, and everything else is controlled via the touch screen.

Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is due to baffle European gamers on September 14, and the recommended retail price is "around £25."

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cool, I hope this means that we'll be getting ere in the states.

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With Zelda coming out soon I do not think I will be getting this game at all. I will be much more busy with Zelda to play it.

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I dunno... Tingle having his own game is creepy-sounding enough. Knowing that Peach might play it before the rest of us is even scarier!

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-Squirrel-: Alright, so he isn't in Ocarina of Time, he wasn't THAT annoying in Majora's Mask and WInd Waker, so why does everyone hate him? Is he really bad in Twilight Princess?

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I guess I might actually import a game now - that would be a first for games, since I have several imported game OSTs. And yeah, Tingle was the single biggest annoyance to me in Wind Waker, but that was -only- because I had to get enough Rupees to buy all the islands to translate eight or nine maps. I guess he's sort of to Link like Wario is to Mario - someone greedy-greedy who is the star of a spinoff game, wearing similar clothes as the main series hero.

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I noticed the US release is absent heheheheheh...lol! To me Tingle is like the screeching of styrofoam while laughing insanely. At least his appearance is better(if it could be called that ) in Wind Waker.

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More japanese stuff please!! I would really love to have rhythm tengoku become a DS game, there is an arcade version in japan - hopefully this may make a wii release or something. Whilst you can import rhythm tengoku for the GBA - for those who can't import, or don't want to - they seriously need to play rhythm tengoku!! So much stuff in japan gets the no-go for resale over here. Its a shame, but always a great day when something does get through.

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"Platyphyllum Was he THAT annoying in Ocarina of Time?" I wasn't sure if you were joking or not, but he was never in OoT. "Sonovius Tingle 2008 for President of the Universe" Word.

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...got you!!! My last post was actually taken from a Gamespot article that was posted in August of 2006. I was trying to see if I could get anyone to flip out but I guess not many people care about Tingle... It just goes to show that the financial experts don't know anything about the gaming industry. I guess it could possibly still happen but Nintendo would have to fall off the planet to sell only 11 million Wiis in North America by 2011...

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creepy, but whatever makes your rupees tingle

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I hope this releases in the U.S. aswell cause I want to buy this game when I get a DS.

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we have a prophet in our midst.... oh wait.... no... no... just an idiot. why are they so similar!

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Tingle was a funny character in Zelda,im interested in what is game gone look like.

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MichaeltheCM "Tingle? its too close to tinkle! how can anyone take this game seriously?" you take Zelda games seriously?

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Tingle was funny when i firs saw him i was like lol what a freak and hes become a major culture icon to zelda fans that is. thouhg hes not that major -.-

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There are a suprisingly large amount of Tingle haters around. It's just being released here in Europe though right?

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Tingle? its too close to tinkle! how can anyone take this game seriously?

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Kooloo limpah!!

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Why does everyone hate Tingle so much? I mean, yeah sure he made us pay lots of money for the maps in Wind Waker, but some people need to make a living. I didn't find him quite annoying on Majora's Mask either and I found him to be quite unique. Was he THAT annoying in Ocarina of Time?

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Tingle 2008 for President of the Universe

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I hate tingle. Yet another reason Why 3d selda game suck so bad and the last one worth playing was on the SNES. AT one time Zelda was serious and had characters that are not super charged atomic ugly and did not make noises until you wanted to punch them in the face. They spent time using the nes and snes sound chip to make good music not grunts. Tingle is the Worst of it all since they all need a face lift, nose job, and there vocal cords cut he should be first in line.

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i hope this "guy" doesnt affect childrens future. :?

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I'm going to look into this game and if it seems at all worth it, then it's import time.

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Import Time!

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It's happened before Guilty Gear X2 #Reload was on PC in Japan first, then Europe later. Yet has no US release for that platform.

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They should release it in the US and not make it have a wierd name.

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Are they serious?? i dont think anybody in the US will buy it. Plus the name is creepy.

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burn tinkle burn

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wow... interesting...

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wow what do u do

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Wow, so much killings, murders, headshots in games and it's tingle that disturbs you?

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no offense but that is just seriosly stupid. a waste of money too

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*tear* I want this in America. Ever since I heard about it I thought it was suppose to be coming here, but I guess not yet at least.

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I dont really care for TIngle so I dont care if his game gets realeased here in North American

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I Kill Him

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Tingle is cool. I'm sorry if you are too homophobic to enjoy his appearances.

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awesome news. all u tingle haters need to shut up

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OMG!!! I HATE HATE HATE Tingle!!! This is no good news at all :evil:

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wow that guy is ugly

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The game's title "Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland" sounds just as disturbing and creepy as Tingle himself.

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Tingle is that a Rupee in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

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In 10 years, when all of the kids whose parents bought them this game have grown up, we can thank Nintendo for traumatizing a generation.

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Why no release for North America? I guess I'll be importing, thank god for region free DS's.

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Finally! Time to import!

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Wow. I can't even BEGIN to express how much I don't care for portable games on ANY platform. They're all either utterly useless, or they make you wish that they'd come out on a real console instead. Um... tingle falls into the former catagory.