DSi gets pretty in pink and white, Wii Remote in black

Nintendo releases two new shades of its camera-equipped handheld September 13; not-so-festive motion-sensing controller, Wii Nunchuk, Wii MotionPlus set for holiday release.


Ever since the Game Boy, Nintendo has been giving its hardware regular splashes of color to help spur sales. The console maker has revealed its latest makeovers, announcing pink-and-white versions of the DSi hardware, and a black Wii Remote controller with matching nunchuk and Wii MotionPlus attachments.


The new shades of DSi will arrive in North American stores September 13, carrying the system's standard $169.99 price tag. It will be the first time new DSi colors are made available in the region, as the DSi palette has been limited to blue and black since the system's launch in April. In Japan, the system has also been released in red, green, and metallic blue color schemes.

Another colorful hardware option already available to the Japanese is a black Wii console. While that particular configuration hasn't been confirmed for North America just yet, Nintendo will be releasing the matching Wii Remote and plug-ins to go with it this holiday season. The black Wii Remote will come bundled with a black Wii MotionPlus add-on. A black Wii Nunchuk controller will also be available as a stand-alone item.

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