DS tops 5 million units sold worldwide

New sales figures show Nintendo's portables reaching the milestone through mid-March, "on track" to 6 million target by March.


Nintendo has portable gamers glued to 10 million screens around the world. The mobile gaming device, which features two screens in a clam shell-type design, eclipsed the 5 million units sold mark through mid-March, according to sales figures released by Nintendo. Nintendo previously predicted that sales of the DS would fall between five and six million through March, and says it is currently "on track" to meet that goal.

The worldwide release of the DS has given Nintendo a leg up on its main competitor, Sony's PlayStation Portable. Whereas the DS has been released in Japan and North America since December, and subsequently in Oceania and Europe, the PSP has only been available in North America (March 24) and Japan (December 11). Sony recently announced that the PSP will invade its third region, Europe, September 1.

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