DS surfs Web in July...in Japan

Opera Web browser will be released in Japan on July 24, US release unknown; cartridge will be sold online for 3,800 yen ($33).


Back in February, Nintendo made a few announcements detailing how the Nintendo DS was moving beyond being a simple gaming machine. Voice over IP has been added, a TV tuner has been promised, and a Web browser from Opera Software was said to be in the works.

Dual-screened Web-browsing madness.
Dual-screened Web-browsing madness.

On its Web site today, Opera confirmed that browsing the Internet on the DS will happen on July 24. The Web-surfing tool will be available in Japan first and will sell online for 3,800 yen ($33).

Previously, Opera announced that the browser would be a DS cartridge and allow surfing on both of the handheld's screens. Using the stylus and handwriting-recognition software, DS owners can input text by writing, rather than use a simulated keypad like the PlayStation Portable does.

Opera today also revealed that the Web browser will come with a memory expansion pack, though it's unclear how it will be implemented.

Nintendo and Opera have not yet announced details of a US or American release. It is also unclear as to whether or not the Japanese Web browser will work in other countries' DSes. Nintendo was not immediately available for comment. More details are expected on July 24.

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