DS scoops up Cookie & Cream

Rabbit duo pair up for another adventure on DS; puzzle/adventure hybrid will include two-player co-op, four-player versus modes.


Cookie & Cream

Cookie & Cream.
Cookie & Cream.

The 2001 PlayStation 2 game The Adventures of Cookie & Cream starred two rabbits as its titular protagonists, but only now are the rabbits finally multiplying. Publisher Agetec has announced that the pair will make their return this spring in Cookie & Cream for the Nintendo DS.

Like the PS2 game, Cookie & Cream will see gamers solving puzzles using the cooperation of both main characters. The game will feature a single-player mode where gamers control both characters, a cooperative mode in which two players control one rabbit each, and a multiplayer mode for up to four combatants to go head-to-head.

Cookie & Cream has not yet been rated by the ESRB or priced. For further details on the game, read GameSpot's preview.

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