DS opening new Tamagotchi Corner Shop

Namco Bandai prepping sequel to virtual pet game for Nintendo's portable; Corner Shop 2 cuts ribbon this winter.


Just weeks after Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisecchi Gohi-Kini stormed the retail charts in Japan, Namco Bandai today announced that the virtual pet invasion will continue in the US. The game will be known as Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 in North America and will be released this winter for the Nintendo DS.

In Corner Shop 2, players run a storefront specializing in satisfying the needs of Tamagotchi (the titular virtual pets). By acquiring "Gotchi points" through various minigames, gamers will feed, clothe, and care for the critters to keep them happy.

In its first week, Corner Shop 2 was the top-selling game in Japan, beating mainstays New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age. Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 has not yet been rated or priced. For a better idea of what the franchise is all about, read GameSpot's review of the original.

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I have not played with tamagotchis or GigaPets since the huge craze period back in the '96-'97 era. Soo middle school......

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you know guys the first one sold like 2.3 million copies world wide, in america and here in europe it sold 1 million copies, so this is a strong force that Nintendo has, NamcoBandai.

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Only one word comes to mind... Sadly I can't say it for fear of getting banned. I'm sure we all know what it is...Sounds like, and is the opposite, of 'hit'

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tamagochi ....lol

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"exhibit A" that gamer's will buy anything

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A best seller coming to the US? This game I'll get

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I want to add that the first game is a million seller in Japan and still selling while the 2nd game has already sold more then 330k in Japan in its 3rd week and selling at a better pace then the first game. it is still in the top ten games chart of Japan (wait for GS to update their JapanCharts) neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115023 So the success of the game is a good bet that they are bringing the game to west to profit as much from it as possible.

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looks pretty...cool

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IceInfernoX3: typical nintendo. i will forever link this article whenever someone says nintendo isnt kiddy. ROFL _______________________________ Damage Control anyone? :roll:

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Hopefully it's less repetitive than the first one and has more interaction with your Tamagotchi.

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hopefully this is just a more advance tamagotchi, if not.. then LAME!

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I liked the idea of the first one. but it was too repetetive hope they change that.

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Tamagotchis weren't 'kiddy' once. When they first came out, practically everyone had them...it was rare to see a woman in her twenties without one clipped to her belt or hanging around her neck. But yeah, this isn't a real Tamagotchi. The video games are different to the real thing.

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IceInfernoX3 typical nintendo. i will forever link this article whenever someone says nintendo isnt kiddy. ROFL i think you shoul read the article, it may help u to realise that its on a Nintendo console and not a Nintendo product.... gez!

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LOL i remember when these things costed like $50, now you can get them in vending machines for a dollar or two. why wont people let things go and let them die lol. EDIT: Eternal Darkness was not made by Nintendo, it was like you said, PUBLISHED by Nintendo, that has nothing to do with who DEVELOPED the game (Silicon Knights). The publisher doesn't make the game, the developer does. So you cant use Eternal Darkness as your defence, sorry.

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I believe that Nintendo published Eternal Darkness, which isn't exactly a kiddy game.

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IceInfernoX3 wrote: typical nintendo. i will forever link this article whenever someone says nintendo isnt kiddy. ROFL _____________________________________________________________

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Tamagotchis were popular @ a point. I remember everyone had them, almost like pokemon cards.

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Dang things just won't die!!

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Fascinating ....

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My sisters used to like playing around with their Tamagotchis. Wouldn't be surprised if this sold real well in the US.

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Wow. My little sister has one of those and it's so annoying.

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typical nintendo. i will forever link this article whenever someone says nintendo isnt kiddy. ROFL

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this should be...uh interesting?...maybe ill check it out..who really knows