DS Lite gets new gold, rose bundles

Nintendo preps more colors for latest handheld; limited-edition packages to come with Zelda: Phantom Hourglass or Nintendogs.


Late last month, a Sears sales ad leaked to the Internet and brought word of two new Nintendo DS packages in the works. One bundle paired a "metallic rose" system with the "Best Friends" edition of Nintendogs, whereas the other featured a gold DS packed in with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. In the ad, the rose-tinted system was emblazoned with a paw print, and the golden DS carried a logo of the iconic Zelda triforce.

Phantom hourglasses don't really exist.
Phantom hourglasses don't really exist.

Nintendo finally made the two offerings official today when it confirmed that the bundles will go on sale starting November 23 in the US. That's the day after Thanksgiving, the unofficial start of the holiday-shopping season, commonly referred to as "Black Friday" for the throngs of bargain-crazy consumers that assault stores in search of deals.

Although the new DS bundles aren't as impressive a steal as a $229 laptop, they will go for $149.99, offering gamers a $15 price break over the cost of buying the game and the DS Lite separately.

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"OMG... forget that crap... Im sticking with my white ds lite... who would go out of their way and get one of those cheap deals and i mean cheap as in a scam" Those are some pretty cool colors. Much better than what the US normally gets!

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neat idea.. but why is it needed?

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woot i brought this gold ds lite way back in december, check out my mini video review and unboxing here :D << LINK REMOVED >>

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i want more zelda games for ds!!!

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phantom hourglasses dont exist because they are phantom! just can't see them :)

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This is a great bundle, even though it is practically sold out everywhere. Personally, I received it about a week ago, and it is under my christmas tree. Hopefully, I do not break down and cry, waiting to open it. lol

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Ahhhhhh.... I'm in Australia and I have a Black Ds but this Bling Bling Ds makes me feel like moving to America lmao

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awesome makes me wish i had waited to get my DS lite:(

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buying the gold one this tuesday ^_^

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I've been wanting a DS for some time, never really bothered. But, I guess procrastination has it's benefits. Which means yes, I picked up a gold-ish Zelda DS bundle.

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Eh, the triforce logo looks out of place.

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ill stick with my red ds phat but that gold ds looks pretty damn sexy ^_^

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Yo! Time to get a blinged out gold DS

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yeah.. im happy with my black DSlite... i wish zelda had come bundled, but i could care less about the triforce logo on the front. whooptie doo.

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OMG... forget that crap... Im sticking with my white ds lite... who would go out of their way and get one of those cheap deals and i mean cheap as in a scam

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Wish I could've waited to get Zelda, then I'd have a nice new DS lite to play it on. Oh well, I guess I'll have more waiting for the blue one, or just import it.

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Gold edition looks cool, wonder if the UK will see it?

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I like my black ds. but I have to say that gold edition does look sweet.

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I just got mine on Black Friday :D

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lol If you hate Nintendo why did you buy that many DS's in the first place?

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Amazing, BUT I hate Nintendo, I bought the original DS, Ds lite comes out, buy that, Black DS lite comes out, Now Zelda Ds Lite!!!!!

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Does the Zelda bundle come with a full plastic case?

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zelda in ds! cool I'll buy it.

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WOOHOO!! I just traded in my old white ds lite and copy of Zelda for the ds for the brand spankin' new GOLD DS!! This thing looks SWEET!! It's sooooo shiny and pretty! I am a Zelda freak and had to get it! I missed out on the gold Zelda Gameboy SP a while back. But, when i saw there was gonna be a gold Zelda DS i couldn't pass it up!

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Some cool colors the DS has...that gold one looks neat!

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wow thats grt i mite get that gold one looks hot as hell although i bought one 2 months ago. i got castlvania DoS and PoR, madden, advance wars DS, both of the pokemon games metroid and FFIII for $160 ;) also if ne1 wants PH fry's is gonna hve it for $20 bux friday and i heard ebgames mite go as low as $15 so if u guys want to snag em better go hunting friday

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I might get the bundle because my ds lite's L&R buttons are not working and I don't own the game

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I hate the DS lite but I think the new zelda branded one with Phantom hourglass will be enough to make me put down the fatty DS's I own to play on this one for short time xP

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i might get the bundle on BF. but the ds i'll either give it to my little brother, my cousin, my dad, or my friend. ( my friend has hourglass already, but his DS is pretty messed up.........)

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I am SO HAPPY I didn't buy PH yet =D

Avatar image for MechaGoomba

Im defentaily getting it for christmas. my other ds broke so :(.

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I got the Crimson / Black one a few months back with Brain Age 2 and I have to say I'm having way more fun with the DS then I thought I would. Advance Wars: Dual Stike, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Even got a copy of Orcs & Elves (awesome old school game) And I was about to get Zelda: Phantom Hourglass but looks like I'll get the gold bundle and give it to my wife for Christmas ;)

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DDaanng!! i'm so gettin the Zelda Gold one!! Got the Gold GBA Zelda, so this is a must!! daaang!! sweet!! :P :P

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I hope they will be stocked for a while I already have a ds but I love Zelda I gotta find money for that

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sweet, I might just get that

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This is going to suck for people who bought it once the DS revision 3 releases early next year... you know, the slimmer one with a bigger screen?

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I'm so getting this. I own the game and have an Enamel Blue DS Lite, but I'm such a hardcore Zelda fan, I will be in line after dinner for this!

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ahhhh I already bought the white and the red ones :(

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I'm still happy with my plain white DS lite

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Does the game come with it's real box ? if not then maybe I'll pass .... but then again it's freakin' Zelda so let's get this thing :D !!!11!!!

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OMG I absolutely need that DS

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if you are a castlevania fan, you have to own a DS

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I just got a DS crimson, great little system.

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I hate the DS lite!!!

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New colour and bundle is not always a good solution.

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I need a new DS, but now I have to import. That Zelda deal looks so good.

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cool $229 laptop

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I know that on 'black friday' Circuit City will sell the bundle for $10.00 less on that day only, too bad already have one, maybe... I'll buy it & give the other one as a gift to my niece... maybe...

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Day 2. (No way I'm going out on Black Friday)