DS Lite gets new gold, rose bundles

Nintendo preps more colors for latest handheld; limited-edition packages to come with Zelda: Phantom Hourglass or Nintendogs.


Late last month, a Sears sales ad leaked to the Internet and brought word of two new Nintendo DS packages in the works. One bundle paired a "metallic rose" system with the "Best Friends" edition of Nintendogs, whereas the other featured a gold DS packed in with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. In the ad, the rose-tinted system was emblazoned with a paw print, and the golden DS carried a logo of the iconic Zelda triforce.

Phantom hourglasses don't really exist.
Phantom hourglasses don't really exist.

Nintendo finally made the two offerings official today when it confirmed that the bundles will go on sale starting November 23 in the US. That's the day after Thanksgiving, the unofficial start of the holiday-shopping season, commonly referred to as "Black Friday" for the throngs of bargain-crazy consumers that assault stores in search of deals.

Although the new DS bundles aren't as impressive a steal as a $229 laptop, they will go for $149.99, offering gamers a $15 price break over the cost of buying the game and the DS Lite separately.

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