DS goes on Dragon Quest IV, V, VI

Screenshots surface out of Japanese magazine <i>Shonen Jump</i> revealing revamped editions of Square Enix's <i>other</i> fantasy role-playing franchise for Nintendo's handheld.


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Square Enix has begun to make a regular habit out of updating past installments in its globally acclaimed Final Fantasy series. Celebrating the role-playing game franchise's 20th anniversary this year, the Japanese publisher rereleased Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable in June and July, respectively. On the Nintendo DS, Square Enix late last year released a graphically revamped version of Final Fantasy III, with a similarly overhauled Final Fantasy IV also planned for release some time in the future.

Apparently not satisfied with revisiting just one of its best-selling RPG franchises, it now appears Square Enix has its sights set on Dragon Quest as well. Leaked screenshots from the latest issue of Japanese magazine Shonen Jump purportedly announce that remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI are under way for the Nintendo DS. As per the screenshots, the Dragon Quest redux will feature revamped graphics in a vein similar to last year's Final Fantasy III on the DS.

Whether or not these new installments in the Dragon Quest series will make it stateside is yet to be seen. While extremely popular in Japan, the Dragon Quest series has been widely eclipsed elsewhere in the world by the Final Fantasy series, so much so that Dragon Quest V and VI were never released in North America. Square Enix currently has two other DS-exclusive Dragon Quest projects in waiting, Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

Responding to a request for comment, a Square Enix rep would only state that no official announcements have been made regarding Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI in North America.

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I CAN'T WAIT!!! Next up, Chrono Trigger on DS right? We need another Chrono Trigger!!! I refuse to refer to it as CT!!!!!!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I am still praying that Dragon Quest IV-VI will come to the Nintendo DS. Then I will have to buy a Nintendo DS. Please bring DQ IV-VI to the United States!

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@natemcsp Whoever said the first chapter starts in a basement is dead wrong. Do not listen to them. If you played the game, you should be able to recognize the setting. In the fifth chapter, you start in the basement of your house, and there's a girl that transforms into you and sacrifices herself in order to keep the Chosen One alive. You wake up and your entire town is dead. I just replayed the game not too long ago. I wanted the PSOne remake to hit US shores, but hopefully these 3 games will hit stateside. IV is probably the best game I've played. V and VI are a bit weird. Didn't get too far into either game. They have been fan-trans'd... if you know where to find them.

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Dq4 from what i understand wasn't released because of the company who was doing the coding left. There is NO reason not to bring 4 here. It was originally slated to come. I used to have the receipt for the pre-order when it was announced. dq5 and 6 I have been wanting to get my hands on for years. never released supposedly due to censorship BS. I say bring the trio over. I love 4 it was one of my favorite ones. The Basement bit there is a part in chapter 5 in the beginning where you go to a cave and you fight the troglodites which assumed the form of Nara and Mara as well as the hero. Overall I hope Enix pulls through for the fans and the company working with them doesn't pull out mid production.

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I really hope that DQ IV, V, and VI get reproduced in english

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I'm kind of worried about this. Dragon Warrior/Quest IV was the RPG that got me hooked on the genre. I preferred it over Final Fantasy. Reading this preview I can tell you that they already made some story changes. Starting off in a cellar??? A polymorphing girl? That isn't the first chapter I remember. I hope they don't change too much of the story, it was a great game and it had a good story.

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I hope they would remake of Final Fantasy VII on PS3 :D

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I think Square Enix should spend more time making new games and less time milking old ones for money. Not that I won't try these, I just hope they don't get too crazy with remakes.

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I never liked DQ, i don't know the silent hero thing never really got me..... but i'll give it another go on my DS.

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sounds good to me

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Hell yeah!!

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This reminds me, I need to replay DQ 5, give DQ's 1-4 a chance, completely finish DQ6 and purchase DQ's 7, 8 and 9. I dunno, I seriously want to love the series soooo bad because the storylines are so good but i'm naturally terrible with RPG's except for Paper Mario and Earthbound. If these remakes are given a western release and made more accessible to noobs such as myself then i'm terribly excited!

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gtrslinger, most people DON'T already own DQ 5 & 6 (not legally) as they were never released stateside. DQ4 was a largely ignored Dragon Warrior 4 for the NES and a cancelled PS1 translation because of Heartbeat being poor losers. I'd also prefer better versions of 1-3 myself, but remakes did show up on Gameboy Color few years back. Anyone with a GBA or Gamecube Player can play them. And I understand everyone's love for Chrono Trigger, (I even liked the PS1 version) but seriously first Seiken Densetsu 2 & 3 need to be brought to the PSP immediately! I don't have my SNES anymore, and my PC isn't so hot for emu.

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I'd like DQ's 1-4 remade that would be great.

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The success of the latest releases of the Dragon Quest games will determine the outcome. DQ7 did okay, but it was nowhere a top seller as I recalled. Sure, we got Dragon Warrior and DQ8, but those so far are the only top selling games in the franchise in NA. The hype for DQM: Joker is not even that high over here. Although, finally obtaining DQ4-6 will add to the North American roster. It's like when we finally obtained the original FF3. It was like a long sigh of "finally!" Poltergeist13 Yaaahhh...remakes. Nintendo DS is brimming with innovation these days. Really...Your sarcasm shows. Last I recalled, almost all the systems get remakes, but getting a remake is a gem when it was never released here in the first place. Although, we can only pray and see what will happen in the future of DS gaming.

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woo DQ4!!

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They should revamp the first three Dragon Quest/Warrior games too. But either way, I like this news because I never played DQ IV, V, or VI. There's no doubt they'll release them in the US, considering that Square already released numerous revamped Japanese Final Fantasy titles. They did an excellent job with FFIII, and FFV Advance. Why not cash in on the Dragon Quest series??

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Holy crap. I know they're just remakes, but I never got to play these games and I think the best place to start is the DS. Can't wait.

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Yaaahhh...remakes. Nintendo DS is brimming with innovation these days.

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meh, im not a fan of the ds, i never use mine. I prefer the psp.

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Hey, it's on the DS, and that platform has the ability to sell units and software very well. Come now, if SE is smart, they'll bring it here. These games will sell, just market them right. The DS is THE place for RPGs.

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iv, v, vi. just say numbers. i can't wait either

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I reeeeeeally hope these come stateside. DQVIII did well, so why not bring over the others?

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solidsnake2050 Hey, if they're only released in japan, you can still play the games on a US DS Right cause that the only problem with A Japan-only release.

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Too bad, no DQ III. But what the hell, I like the series. And honestly, I don't really care if it comes out on the DS or the PSP - as long as its good, I'll be at the line to the counter. More slimes, monsters-in-a-box and trolls coming our way!

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This is great news indeed; I fear I have not indulged enough in Dragon Quest in the past! Now: Bring on Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire (different company, but still)!

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Yeah, I bought a PSP hoping for, you know, good games, but all I got was this awesome hand-held emulator. I mean, it's an alright deal, but I thought I could play things other than Mario, Classic Megaman, and all the old Final Fantasys. Yes, all of them to 6. Now I see that the DS that I purchased was the ACTUAL next-gen hand-held system with good NEW games. Sony, first you let the PSP die because you were too preoccupied with the PS3, then you let the PS3 lose all it's exclusive titles because you were too preoccupied looking at the shiny new console. Oooh, I see, your narcissists. Thaaat explains everything. Nintendo, I don't thing your new console is all that great, but you hand-helds never fail. Rock on.

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DQ 4-6 make up a trilogy called Castle in the Sky..ty Wiki.

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With FF 5+6 coming to the DS (it's inevitable at this point) along with these and DQ 9 as DS exclusive, SE is just further solidifying DS as the superior handheld. I'll probably pick up DQ 4, and if I like it, I'll probably get DQ 5 and 6 too. I'm curious to know though why specifically 4-6 and not 1-3 as well. 1-3 was already remade for Japan only. I doubt we'll ever see those.

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these are gonna sell like mad in japan. s-e bring 'em here!

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great news..so cool

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I would like see a remake on Chrono Trigger on the DS or put it out on the Wii Virtual Console.

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ds gets another 20 million sales lol :)

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YAY ^_^ I love you Square-Enix !

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WE NEED CHRONO TRIGGER!!!!!! In case you've never played it, it is seriously the best RPG of all time.

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Cool. Now how about Chronotrigger?

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Whoo! Nintendo has loosened Sony's grip and now owns Japan. Wait, that's old news. But DQ helps. I've never played these. If they come out in the US of A, I'll be sure to check 'em out. Now GIVE US A FIRE EMBLEM DS!!!!!!!!

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I love getting portable versions of old favorites, but it's getting confusing with all of the remakes! I fear campanies might be milking their heyday games a bit too much these days. Innovate! (DQ 8 was incredibly innovative - let's keep going that direction)

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Hey, if they're only released in japan, you can still play the games on a US DS

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Gimme gimme gimme! *holds out wallet*

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DQ Rocks... can't wait for NA release of this one!

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Cool, my DS and PSP are just collecting dust, starting this august they should be getting some action.

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Can't wait for these, I'll buy them in whatever language they come out in.

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OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! ok I may be a excited but I loved the dragon quest series (or at least the first 4), it was to bad there were so many japan only games I never got to play. Hopefully they decide to bring it over to North America and let everyone finally get to play them without and emulator.

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wonderful,but i dont have a DS

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I like playing the remakes because I never got the chance to play the originals.

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*swoon* ^ .^

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I would not mind if they completely forgot about DQ VII, though. That game was utter garbage! I wasted something like $30 on it, and it's primitive looking/playing even for the 16-bit generation. A pitiful waste...VIII was really good. (And by the way, VII was on the PlayStation, and I know that's not 16 bit. I was simply stressing how bad VII was.)