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DS goes on Dragon Quest IV, V, VI

Screenshots surface out of Japanese magazine <i>Shonen Jump</i> revealing revamped editions of Square Enix's <i>other</i> fantasy role-playing franchise for Nintendo's handheld.


Square Enix has begun to make a regular habit out of updating past installments in its globally acclaimed Final Fantasy series. Celebrating the role-playing game franchise's 20th anniversary this year, the Japanese publisher rereleased Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation Portable in June and July, respectively. On the Nintendo DS, Square Enix late last year released a graphically revamped version of Final Fantasy III, with a similarly overhauled Final Fantasy IV also planned for release some time in the future.

Apparently not satisfied with revisiting just one of its best-selling RPG franchises, it now appears Square Enix has its sights set on Dragon Quest as well. Leaked screenshots from the latest issue of Japanese magazine Shonen Jump purportedly announce that remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI are under way for the Nintendo DS. As per the screenshots, the Dragon Quest redux will feature revamped graphics in a vein similar to last year's Final Fantasy III on the DS.

Whether or not these new installments in the Dragon Quest series will make it stateside is yet to be seen. While extremely popular in Japan, the Dragon Quest series has been widely eclipsed elsewhere in the world by the Final Fantasy series, so much so that Dragon Quest V and VI were never released in North America. Square Enix currently has two other DS-exclusive Dragon Quest projects in waiting, Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

Responding to a request for comment, a Square Enix rep would only state that no official announcements have been made regarding Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI in North America.

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