DS deluge begins with The Urbz and Spider-Man 2

EA's and Activision's launch titles ship out ahead of Nintendo's dual-screen handheld--but apparently only celebrities can get their hands on the actual portable.


Nintendo fans, start stretching your thumbs. Following Sega's release of Feel the Magic: XY/XX, Activision and Electronic Arts both announced today that Spider-Man 2 and The Urbz have shipped for the DS. The pair joins Ubisoft's Asphalt Urban GT and EA Sports' Madden NFL 2005 in the launch lineup for the device, according to EBgames.com.

However, while some stores are selling games for the portable, the DS itself still won't be in gamers' hands until Sunday, November 21. However, as was the case with Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and several other recent games, the device has "premiered" at a celebrity-studded event (pictured).

Held at the The Day After, the "exclusive location" until recently called Montmartre, the event attracted celebrities like Cuba Gooding Jr., Orlando Jones, Taryn Manning, Anthony Kiedis, Rachel Hunter, J.C. Chasez, Mila Kunis, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Alias' Michael Vartan, who were among the first people to follow Nintendo's motto "touching is good" and fondle the dual-screen handheld. "Yo, this is the dopest thing I've seen in my life," said Scrubs star Donald Faison, either drawing on years of gaming experience or feeling the effects of the VIP lounges' complimentary cocktails.

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