DS common-sense trainer to clue in clueless

Nintendo DS to see yet another mental training game, this one meant to help the culturally and socially challenged.


Otona no Joushikiryoku Training DS

Japanese gamers may know the age of their brains, but do they know their manners and etiquette?

The idea that the country's youth lack good old-fashioned common sense has become, well, common sense. Whether this situation is real or imaginary Dengeki Online recently ran an overview of a game that hopes to remedy the alleged problem.

Kanshuu Nihon Josikiryoku Kenteikyoukai Imasara Hito ni ha Kikenai Otona no Joushikiryoku Training, slated for release October 26 in Japan, is endorsed by the Josikiryoku Kenteikyoukai, or roughly translated, the Association for Common Sense Certification. This organization is devoted to running examinations that evaluate "common sense," by quizzing examinees on basic cultural etiquette, business manners, and a smattering of specialized vocabulary, such as economic and IT industry words. The upcoming game will contain about 1,800 multiple-choice questions, based on the aforementioned exam. The touch pen will be used to select answers.

Joushikiryoku Training is under development by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory Inc. It will retail for 3,800 yen, about $32.70. Gamers with a good knowledge of the Japanese language, a burning desire to know which seat of the taxi is given to the most important passenger in Japan, and who know what that Okinawan dish made of bitter gourd, egg, and Spam is actually called, may want to check out this title.

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