Driver Saves Tamagotchi, Kills Human

A French woman runs down two cyclists in an attempt to save her virtual pet.


A 27-year-old woman in Marseille, France, killed one cyclist and injured another when she apparently took her eyes off the road in an attempt to save her Tamagotchi on Sunday, Reuters reported.

The driver had her Tamagotchi attached to a key ring when it began to emit sounds that it needed some care. The woman asked a friend in the car to take care of the virtual pet's needs, and in the confusion, she failed to see a group of bicyclists and rammed into the back of them, killing one instantly and sending another to the hospital.

A magistrate is investigating the accident to see whether charges will be brought against the driver.

Tamagotchis and other virtual pets have become a worldwide fad that started in Asia and quickly spread. Some countries have banned the tiny egg-shaped pets. Incidents like this may make the planet's newest species quickly extinct.

We wonder how long the driver will be able to keep her Tamagotchi alive if she goes to jail for life.

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