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Driver: San Francisco studio director leaves

Ubisoft Reflections' Gareth Edmondson departs UK-based development house two months after the launch of latest multiplatform racer.


The managing director of the Driver: San Francisco developer has taken an exit. As reported by Develop, Gareth Edmondson has left UK-based Ubisoft Reflections just two months after shipping a revival of the studio's signature Driver franchise.

Edmondson is hitting the road.
Edmondson is hitting the road.

A Ubisoft representative confirmed the departure for GameSpot, saying, "In the five years since Reflections has become a part of the Ubisoft team of studios, we have had the pleasure of working and creating together with Gareth Edmondson. Gareth has made the choice to leave the studio. Our team of talented developers at Reflections will continue their work on upcoming projects under the supervision of Giselle Stewart, studio manager, and Darren Yeomans, production director, until a permanent replacement has been named."

According to Develop, Edmondson will remain in the gaming industry in some capacity. The departing managing director is the brother of Reflections founder Martin Edmondson, who left the studio in 2004 but returned for the development of Driver: San Francisco.

For more on Reflections' latest, check out GameSpot's review of Driver: San Francisco.

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