Driver 3 update

Atari has shown a new movie of Driver 3 in action at ECTS. New game details inside.



During a recent visit to Atari's booth at ECTS we noticed that the video running next to the company's reception area contained in-game footage of Driver 3. The clips were only very brief, but they contained a few very interesting pieces of information on the game.

For one thing, we didn't just see a couple of classic cars being driven, but also a modern-looking motorcycle--which performed a wheelie before racing down one of the Miami streets into the distance. We also got to see an articulated lorry in action, which, as fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will know, is a vehicle that Rockstar has shied away from featuring since the series went into 3D.

We also got to see a few very brief clips taken from cut-scenes in which smartly dressed thugs were going about their business. There was no sound to accompany the footage unfortunately, but we can report that the quality of the cinematics was excellent, and that the overall feel of them was much closer to The Getaway than to Vice City--despite the fact that a large chunk of Driver 3 will be set in Miami.

Driver 3 is currently scheduled for release in 2004. We'll bring you more on the game, including the footage that we got to see at ECTS but weren't permitted to film we hope, as it becomes available.

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