Driver 3 speeds onto the GBA

Handheld version of Atari's undercover racer crashes into retail this fall.


Atari today announced that Driver 3 will be coming to the Game Boy Advance this fall. The game was previously released in June of 2004 on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and in March of 2005 on the PC. The game didn't exactly impress the critics, but it did make its mark on the sales charts. Within a few weeks of its release, the game shipped 2.5 million units.

Although the console sales shot the game near the top of the charts, the GBA version will have "a very unique gaming experience to the console and PC versions." The core gameplay will be similar, featuring free-roaming environments set in Miami, Florida, and Nice, France.

In Driver 3, players assume the role of Tanner, an undercover cop whose proficiency behind the wheel has earned him the moniker "Wheelman." Unlike previous Driver games, Driver 3 lets Tanner get out of the car so he can roam the 30 miles of streets on foot, like Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. When not on missions, gamers can also test their skills in a variety of minigames, such as slalom, checkpoint, and destruction.

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