Driver 3 reannounced for PC

Atari touts enhanced graphics, additional mission in the "new" version of its multiplatinum driving game.



In July 2002, Atari parent company Infogrames confirmed that its then-forthcoming game Driver 3 would be released for the PC. Today, Atari "formally" announced its impending release, giving it a semifirm ship date of March 2005. Like its console cousins, the game will be rated "M" for Mature. No retail price was announced.

Like the earlier versions of Driver 3, the PC version of the game was developed at internal Atari studio Reflections Interactive. It, too, follows the antihero detective Tanner (voiced by Michael Madsen) on this international undercover operation to nab a ring of car thieves. Gameplay consists mainly of car chases through three major urban areas--Miami, Nice, and Istanbul.

For those put off by Driver 3's almost universally lackluster reviews, Atari is touting several new features included in the PC version. Besides the inclusion of a bonus mission called "The Hit," the game will feature unspecified "enhanced graphics engine capable of creating massive photorealistic environments." To help run said engine, Atari also announced it has forged a "marketing relationship" with Nvidia to help tout the GPU-maker's GeForce 6 Series-based graphics cards as Driver 3's preferred graphics hardware.

For more on the PC version of Driver 3, check out our extensive previous coverage.

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