Driveclub PS Plus Edition will offer discounted upgrade

Evolution Studios offers more details about the PlayStation Plus version of the PS4 launch racer.


Evolution Studios has said the PlayStation Plus version of PS4 launch racer Driveclub will allow users to obtain a Platinum Trophy, and will also offer users the option to upgrade to the full retail version of the game at a discounted price.

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Design director Paul Rustchynsky posted on NeoGAF to say that the PS Plus version will be available "well into the new year" and that "there will be a discount to upgrade to the full digital edition from the PS+ edition."

The price of the discounted upgrade won't be announced "for a few more weeks yet," he added.

"When you upgrade from the PS+ Edition you get the full digital edition which doesn't require a PS+ subscription," Rustchynsky said, but explained that "you can earn the Platinum trophy in the PS+ Edition, remember it's the full game minus a few cars/tracks."

Neither the PlayStation Plus or full retail version of Driveclub will support a split screen mode, Rustchynsky said, and that the studio was currently working on both a photo mode for the game alongside "alternative solutions for trying to get the highest quality vids" for players to share online.

"You guys wanted uncompressed footage and obviously the PS4 capture utilises some form of video compression to ensure the videos aren't ridiculously large (the raw direct feed videos we captured are 6GB for 2 minutes of footage)," he added.

Driveclub is due for release with the launch of the $399 PlayStation 4 on November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

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