Driveclub Online Restriction Policy in Place as Server Woes Persist

Developer Evolution implements one-in-one-out rule to manage demand.

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Those who picked up a new copy of Driveclub will not be able to take the game online unless space has been freed up by others logging out.

The one-in-one-out policy is a result of the game's servers failing to manage demand just days after going on sale. These connection issues have also delayed the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game.

"We're just as frustrated as you about the server performance issues right now," the game's developer, Evolution Studios, wrote on its Facebook page.

"We want you to be racing with clubs and having fun playing challenges, not checking Facebook updates from us to see if the servers are updated yet."

An abridged version of the PlayStation 4 racing title--which is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers--was scheduled to launch in North America on Tuesday and across Europe on Wednesday, but neither has appeared.

The Evolution spokesperson said a further information regarding the problems will be issued later on Thursday.

"In case you don't already know, the servers are up and running but they are hitting their performance limits, so they won't accept new connections until one of the current online players frees up their space," the studio explained.

"If and when you get online, you should not have any connectivity issues during the remainder of your session. When you finish and disconnect, you'll free up a space for someone else. This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that's how it's working right now."

The full, paid-for version of Driveclub was released across October 7 in the US, and on October 10 in the UK. GameSpot's Driveclub review was somewhat disappointed by the game, suggesting it makes no bold advances in the racing genre.

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