Driveclub Online Problems Continue; Features Disabled as Dev Works on Fixes

"We are working hard to get everyone online as soon as possible," Evolution Studios says.

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Evolution Studios is working "non-stop" to fix recently released PlayStation 4 racer Driveclub's significant server struggles, the developer said in post to the game's Facebook page today. The studio explained that it just recently released another server update that increases the number of players who can join the game at once, but that's where the good news stopped.

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"In order to keep building on these numbers, we will be running further updates in the coming days that will affect availability of some of the online game features," Evolution said. "Some functions are temporarily unavailable including challenges and social updates, but for those of you that can connect, you will still be able to participate in clubs, leaderboards, and online multiplayer races."

As the struggles persist, Evolution pointed out that Driveclub players can also access the game's Tour mode, custom solo events, and car customization while playing offline.

"We are working hard to get everyone online as soon as possible," the studio added.

Evolution said it understands that the situation surrounding Driveclub "isn't ideal, but this is really the best way for us to improve server performance and online play for everybody."

The studio also had no update to share regarding the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub, which was supposed to be available at launch on Tuesday, but was delayed. Evolution said earlier this week that it won't launch the free version until servers are stabilized.

"Thanks for bearing with us and sending us your supportive comments," Evolution said. "Believe us, we know how frustrating this is for you and we are working non-stop to find the best solution to get you all connected and racing together online."

Driveclub players who can connect should not experience any connectivity issues during their play sessions, Evolution said earlier this week. However, the studio has implemented a one-in-one-out program to manage demand, meaning you aren't able to connect until another player disconnects. "This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that's how it's working right now," the developer said on Thursday.

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