Driveclub Gets Huge Free Update, Adding 15 Tracks and More



Sony's PlayStation 4 racing game Driveclub was updated this week for possibly the last time--and it's going out with a bang. TeamVVV reports that the big free update, which comes in at 5.75 GB, adds 15 tracks that made their debut with DriveClub VR, as well as reverse variants of some existing tracks.

The patch notes also includes a note from the developer, which states, "Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell."

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If this is indeed the final update for Driveclub, that might mean that there won't be a PS4 Pro patch update, though this is not confirmed.

Go to TeamVVV to get all the details on Driveclub's new update.

The "majority" of the work on Driveclub VR was done by Evolution Studios, which Sony closed back in March. Sony's WWS Immersive Technology Group, which included some Evolution "veterans," finished the game, which came out on October 13 as a launch title for PlayStation VR.

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Why did you post a screenshot of a N64 game in an article about Driveclub ?

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@R4gn4r0k: More like Daytona USA for the arcades :P

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Such a great game it's a shame Sony shut them down, driveclub 2 would have been amazing

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@rodoxthedark: Yeh i guess, but we want Motorstorm more

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Great game! Thank you Evolution Studios! Hope for PS4 Pro update on the future!

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nope, its 20 GB!

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@sentyaki: 5GB

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Please patch it for pro.

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Abandoning it without at least patching it for the Pro is f^cking b^llshit.

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@howthegodzkill: Why ? They aren't going to make any money out of it , the studio has gone. This was made as a farewell from the devs. It wasn't a new studio. This dlc would have been paid dlc most likely only they were shut down.

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Rest in peace 5club.

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