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Driveclub Finally Gets Dynamic Weather Tomorrow

Driveclub update will add the game's promised dynamic weather feature.

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PlayStation 4-exclusive racing game Driveclub will get its promised dynamic weather feature in update tomorrow, developer Evolution Studios has announced.

Evolution revealed the dynamic weather system before the game launched back in June, but said that since it was a recent innovation, it will only be added to the game shortly after release.

Driveclub launched in October, but it did not go smoothly, to put it mildly. The game has been plagued by server issue, which prevented players from playing online and accessing certain features. The game's promised PlayStation Plus version--a free edition of the game for subscribers--is still without a release date. Due to the ongoing issues, Evolution has even offered some of the game's DLC for free as an apology.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan recently explained that Driveclub's troubled launch didn't damage Sony's reputation.

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