Dril, The Best Twitter User, Is Making A Video Game

Dril is Going Cyber, and you can help him make a video game.


Gather up TekkenChauncey, RickGamecube, and DigimonOtis, because the greatest Twitter user of all time--Dril--is starting a new project. The master of surrealism is creating a video game, and he is crowdfunding on Patreon to complete the project. We have no idea if the video game will actually be coherent, but it will be Very Online.

Dril, whose semi-anonymous Twitter page uses a very blurry image of Jack Nicholson for his profile picture, posted a description of the game on his Patreon page.

"The game follows the quest of a silent protagonist who stumbles upon the gift of immortality in a dangerous future where Top influencers and corrupt hollywood guys maintain a cruel grip on society," the announcement said. "The gameplay places a strong emphasis on employing satisfying, responsive aerobatics to traverse a dozen or so worlds and find a sh*t load of treasures and secrets."

From the video, it looks like a pretty basic 2D platformer, and probably isn't something that MetalGearEric or DonkeyKongEddie would be interested in playing, but who knows what surprises are in store? Non-player characters in the game include a corncob, which is likely a reference to a viral post (not a tweet, as Dril only posts) from several years ago.

If you don't "get" Dril, then looking at his page is likely to confuse you to the point of physical damage. If you do get him, however, I am very sorry that you are one of us.

There isn't a firm release window for the game, though Dril says he has so far done the art and programming alone and plans to finish the project by "the mid-2020s," but this could be sooner if he could get enough money to pay other developers to help. We're sure there are several itching for the opportunity.

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