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Dreams Fans Are Rallying To Convince Sony To Release PS5 And PC Ports Of The Game

The dream lives on.


Media Molecules ended support for Dreams in September 2023, essentially ending the PS4 game while the studio began focusing on its next project. Dreams never saw a native PS5 release--although it is playable via backwards compatibility--and the game was never ported to PC, platforms where its audience could have potentially grown.

Several months later, reports began circulating that PS5 and PC ports were in development and that these versions of Dreams were nearing completion, but these plans were abandoned after severe layoffs at Media Molecule. The Dreams community hasn't given up on these ports yet, and in an effort to convince Sony that the game deserves a second chance, the fanbase has put together a highlight reel of some of the most impressive projects created inside of the game-making platform.

If you followed news on Dreams after it was first released in early 2020, you'll be aware of just how versatile and flexible it is. Creators developed their own games like Ancient Dangers: A Bat's Tale and animated series like Noguchi's Bell, and the software could be learned through approachable tutorials. Game development inside of Dreams was also surprisingly social, allowing hobbyists and developers to more easily collaborate on projects and share their creations.

"Dreams is a refined constructor for building a wide variety of games, and a community-centric showcase where others can play them," Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Dreams review. "It's a stunning achievement that encourages limitless creative expression, a place where people can come together, collaborate, and explore each other's imaginations. It's a tool for the fools who dream, and one of the most innovative releases in years."

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