Dreamkiller Aspyrs to 360, PCs in October

Aspyr Media to publish Mindware Studios' horror-themed first-person shooter later this year.


Outside of soldiers, athletes, and city planners, few professions are readily adapted to games. Czech developer Mindware Studios and Texas-based publisher Aspyr Media are taking a stab at adding psychologist to the list later this year with the release of Dreamkiller on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Better living through high-caliber psychology.
Better living through high-caliber psychology.

A first-person shooter, Dreamkiller puts players in the role of Alice Drake, a supernatural psychologist with the unique ability to enter her patients' minds and fight their inner demons in the most literal sense. Drake will traverse the game's 12 levels not with textbooks and theory, but with an arsenal of special abilities and dual-purpose weapons, such as a minigun that also lobs grenades at enemies.

This is not the first time Mindware has meddled with the first-person shooter genre. The studio previously developed 2005's stealth-based Cold War, as well as 2007's Painkiller: Overdose.

Dreamkiller is set for an October debut. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions.

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