DreamHack Hearthstone numbers are out: 550,000 Uniques.

The awaited viewing numbers for DreamHack Summer's Hearthstone tournament have been released by Viagame, indicating a good turnout for the new platform.


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The lack of a public viewer count for the brand new platform had many within the community wondering just how much of a success the first ever DreamHack proper Hearthstone tournament had been. Expectations were for the event to draw a decent crowd and those expectations have largely been met, with the finals reaching a peak concurrent of 55,000, which is in line with the viewership that bigger online tournaments draw at this time. The numbers are naturally slightly muted because of the brand new platform, but overall back up Viagame's positive outlook when we interviewed them at the event.

In addition to the encouraging peak concurrent numbers Viagame has released their total starters and unique starters numbers for the June 14-16 event, which also tell their own tale. With 564,737 uniques the event comes in at a very respectable reach, however the relatively low total starters of 882,698 indicates that the stream may have had to build up it's viewership over the weekend, with considerable casual viewership coming in probably only during the final day of the event. Again, this is quite as expected for a new platform.

The incentives are clearly there for Viagame to keep on supporting Hearthstone and to show that at least within this community the platform will be accepted. If Viagame does return to producing Hearthstone content for us, they do however also have a lot of small problems to fix which arose during the tournament, but as long as Viagame shows a commitment to improvement and accepting criticism from players and the community, they can well establish themselves as a respectable platform for tournaments for the Hearthstone community.

  • Total starters Hearthstone June 14th-16th: 882698
  • Total unique starters Hearthstone June 14th-16th: 564737
  • Peak concurrent viewers (during the finals): 55000

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