DreamCatcher signs Battlecruiser games

DreamCatcher Interactive announces that it's signed a multiple-game publishing agreement with the creator of the Battlecruiser series. New Generations screens inside.


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DreamCatcher Interactive has announced that it's signed a multiple-game publishing agreement with Derek Smart, the creator of the Battlecruiser series of space strategy games. The first game to be released is Battlecruiser Millennium Gold, which includes the original Battlecruiser Millennium , along with a new multiplayer add-on and all the numerous bug fixes and upgrades that have been released since the game first launched in November 2001. Battlecruiser Millennium Gold is scheduled for release on March 4, 2003.

The second game to be published by DreamCatcher under the new deal is Battlecruiser Millennium , which is effectively the sequel to Battlecruiser Millennium. Generations is scheduled for release in August 2003. Smart is also working on an as-yet-unannounced game for the Xbox, which DreamCatcher will have the first option on under the terms of the new agreement.

"Derek has a great reputation for producing high quality, innovative games, and his next two will be no exception," said Richard Wah Kan, DreamCatcher president. "His flair and enthusiasm are a great fit with DreamCatcher and really demonstrates our commitment to both our developer partners and our customers."

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