DreamCatcher publishing PC Dungeon Lords

Canadian company lands North American distribution rights to Wizardry alumnus's RPG.


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Nine months after it was announced, Dungeon Lords has finally found a publisher. Developer Heuristic Park announced today that it has struck a deal with Toronto-based DreamCatcher Games to publish the role-playing game in North America. No specific release date for the game was given.

Designed, written, and developed by D.W. Bradley, cocreator of Wizards & Warriors and Wizardry VII, Dungeon Lords is a fantasy RPG with a first-person-shooter-style control system. Featuring an online co-op mode for up to eight players, the game will follow a party of adventurers scouring dungeons and castles for magical artifacts.

Interestingly, the publishing announcement made no mention of the Xbox version of Dungeon Lords, which Heuristic Park had previously advertised on its Web site. A source told GameSpot that the developer is still debating whether or not to release the game for the Microsoft console.

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