DreamCatcher launches The Adventure Company

The Canadian game publisher creates a new brand and division dedicated to its line of adventure games.


Toronto-based game publisher DreamCatcher has announced the launch of The Adventure Company, its new division and brand dedicated to publishing adventure games. The first game to be released under the new brand will be The Cameron Files: Secret at Lock Ness , a mystery game set in Scotland that was announced last week and will arrive in stores later this month.

"The introduction of The Adventure Company as a stand-alone entity solidifies our company's position as a leading publisher and distributor of quality adventure games" said Richard Wah Kan, CEO and president of DreamCatcher. "The Adventure Company is really an indication of our commitment to build on the success of our recent best-selling adventure games and to continue to bring quality adventure games to a marketplace that we feel is underserviced."

The next games to be released by the company include Arthur's Knights II, an adventure game set in medieval times and scheduled for release in February, and The Cameron Files: Secret at Lock Ness , a game based on Middle Eastern myths scheduled for release in March. For more information about DreamCatcher, visit the company's Web site.

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