Dreamcast's Holiday Cheer

Sega expects to sell 1.5 million Dreamcast units by year's end but with all the demand comes some bad news...

In an announcement released today, Sega of America says that it expects sales of its Dreamcast console will be 50 percent better than previously forecasted. The company says that sales are expected to top 1.5 million units by Dec. 31. Previously, the company had expected to sell only 1 million units by that date. With the increased demand for the console, many gamers might have to wait until 2000 to find available units. "We have all our factories in Asia working at full capacity," said Chris Gilbert, senior vice president of Sega of America. "The simple fact is we can't make enough Sega Dreamcast video-game consoles to meet the surge in demand from consumers and retailers."

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