Dreamcast Tony Hawk Official

Crave confirms that Activision's latest PlayStation skater is coming to the Dreamcast.


As GameSpot News reported last week, Activision's Tony Hawk Pro Skater is indeed coming to Sega's Dreamcast. Crave Entertainment issued a press release this morning that said it would bring the skater to Sega's latest console sometime during Q2 2000. The Neversoft team, which created the original for the PlayStation, will not be bringing the game to the Dreamcast, but a Crave spokesperson would not name the developer that would be.

Players will be able to control some of skateboarding's top talent, including Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell, Rune Glifberg, Buck Laskey, Chad Muska, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley, Elissa Steamer, and Jamie Thomas. Each skater will have his own signature moves, which he'll be able to perform with the skateboarding trick standards in nine environments, from half pipes to downtown San Francisco.

Hawk fans will be able to perform his 900 degrees, a two-and-a-half airborne rotation move that Hawk had never completed until the 1999 ESPN Summer X-Games.

"With the addition of Tony Hawk, our Dreamcast 2000 lineup is one of the strongest in the industry," said Holly Newman, executive vice president of publishing for Crave Entertainment. "The Dreamcast version will take full advantage of the systems features, including highly enhanced graphics and four-player split-screen play."

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