Dreamcast Tomb Raider Impressions

We deliver first impressions of Tomb Raider for the Dreamcast, currently on display at Milia.


Eidos featured a playable version of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for the Dreamcast at their Milia exhibition booth. Predictably enough, the game looks much better than its PlayStation counterpart, as its smoother graphics and richer colours lend the Dreamcast version of The Last Revelation a much more realistic appearance. However, there aren't a lot of differences in the game's overall visual presentation - any additional detail added to the 3D models isn't obvious, and the game's scenery still has the blocky, rough-hewn look of the PlayStation version. In addition, the game seemed ill-suited for the Dreamcast analogue stick, which didn't do a good job of emulating the precision controls made possible with a digital pad. The Dreamcast controller's digital pad was used to pan the camera rather than to move Lara.

Nevertheless, because The Last Revelation was widely recognised as the best Tomb Raider since the original, fans of the series will no doubt be excited to play the game on the Dreamcast platform. Look for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation to debut on Sega's machine in March.

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