Dreamcast to be reborn on XBL, PSN

Sonic Adventure to debut this fall in commemoration of the system's 11th birthday, followed by Crazy Taxi, and more.


Sega's Dreamcast system, a console that spearheaded the online gaming movement and one with a loyal fan base to this day is soon to enjoy new breath in its lungs.

Sega today announced plans to bring Dreamcast titles to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network beginning this fall with Sonic Adventure and later with Crazy Taxi. Both titles will remain true to their '90s versions in the gameplay department, but Sega has updated each with new visuals and surround sound, online leaderboards, trophies, and achievements.

No matter how fast he runs, he'll always come back.
No matter how fast he runs, he'll always come back.

Sonic Adventure will arrive first, landing sometime this fall in Europe and North America, to coincide with the Dreamcast's 11th birthday. Additionally, Sega said these two titles are the "first two classics," implying additional titles will follow.

This announcement is not exactly a total surprise, as the Electronic Software Ratings Board outed Sonic Adventure earlier this week. The ESRB listing provided ratings classification for both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX, though Sega's announcement this morning announced only the former.

For more on both games, check out GameSpot's Sonic Adventure review and GameSpot's Crazy Taxi review.

Sega will be displaying both updated titles at its booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week. GameSpot will be at the show, reporting from the floor. Check out GameSpot's complete coverage of E3 2010 to stay current.

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