Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Will Be Available Online

Sega's online store will sell the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter months before retail outlets.

Sega has announced that, beginning January 9, the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter will be available for purchase at Sega's online store on Sega.com. The Dreamcast Broadband Adapter facilitates high-speed Internet access and networked gameplay via cable and DSL modems. The adapter will retail for US$59.99 and is currently supported by Quake III Arena, POD: Speedzone, and Unreal Tournament. Sega is currently researching the implementation of the Broadband Adapter for its online RPG, Phantasy Star Online. The Broadband Adapter will be available for brick and mortar purchase beginning in March.
$14.95 on Amazon
$5.00 on Walmart

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